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African OWO SNAKE Mask £110 $168 €172

Magnificent wooden "Owo" mask evoking the glory of West African culture hand-crafted by master artisan Daniel Nyadedzor. "Owo," pronounced "owwor" in the local dialect, means snake. A mystical mask, it has two intertwined snakes reclining on the crest, complimented by a striking human visage on the forehead. Another interesting feature is the smoking pipe in his open mouth. Metal plates embossed with beautiful African symbols adorn the forehead and nose.

Sese, a local wood from Eastern Ghana, is patiently hand-carved and sanded to achieve the desired form. The piece is then delicately painted with black emulsion and coated with potassium. After a careful polishing, red tones are applied to the piece to add a rustic look. This historical work makes a wonderful addition to any collection. Size: 11.0 inches W x 14.2 inches H x 5.5 inches Weight: 5.32 pounds Materials: Sesewood

IVORY COAST GHOST AFRICAN FOLK ART CARVING by Abubakari Alhassan £135 $206 €211

This ghost mask of the Dan tribe is used as a guardian spirit, believed to possess the good elements necessary to ward off evil spirits that try to inflict harm on society. Abubakari Alhassan carves the curious vision by hand from sese wood, applying clay washings, perforated aluminum strips, and a finish of brown polish.

The Dan, also known as the Yacouba, have traditionally inhabited the mountainous regions of the Ivory Coast. They believe in life after death and in an underworld where spirits of good and evil are constantly working against each other. Every village has several great masks that represent its collective memory and are praised during times of prosperity, playing an important role in Dan culture. They are not considered to be works of art, but rather are divinities and repositories of knowledge dictating the values of the community and the preservation of customs.

Wood and Metal Mask

African Mask £28 ($39)

African Mask carved in wood with brass metal panels.

Nigerian Mask

Nigerian wall mask £25

This mask is handmade from a very hard, dark, African wood. It measures 24cm tall 15cm wide and 2.5cm thick. It weighs 669 grams.

African Mask

African Mask £35

A nice African mask from Nigeria. Hand carved in a light wood.

Ambuya man. £35 ($50 approx)

This beautiful carving of an Ambuya man's bust is exceptionally nice. Measuring 11" (28cm) high, and weighing just over 1½Kg. Carved from hardwood.

Mother & Child Carving

Mother and baby £55

Exquisite carving from Nigeria. Carved from a hardwood with a very attractive grain. The natural colours range from light drown to almost black natural perturbation of the wood. The African woman is carrying her baby on her back. Click on the thumbnail above to see more pictures etc.

Tribesman carving

Tribesman £10 ($14)

A carving of a tribesman standing just under 11" (27cm).

Leopard woodcarving

Leopard £40 ($57) ONE LEFT

These beautifully hand-carved leopards are carved in Zimbabwe. Following the natural shape of the wood, each leopard has been carefully carved to depict it stalking its prey. Each has its own unique shape and character. The pieces are all hand-carved useing very basic tools.

The wood used is acquired according to strict conservation guidelines and is not indiscriminately felled. The artist a shepherd for many years, now produces various wooden animals having acquired his skills during the many hours spent tending his fathers herds.

Two Masks

Two small African Masks £20

These two masks have been hand carved from an African hardwood. These two are extremely nice and expertly carved. These would look really nice on any wall. Each mask is 12cm tall 8cm wide and 3cm thick. From Nigeria.

Nigerian Girl

Hand carved Bust of a Nigerian Girl £25

This excellent piece has been carved from a hardwood. This piece stands 14cm tall and about 7cm wide and weight 380 grams.

Nigerian boy bust

Carving of a bust of a young Nigerian man. £25

This is hand carved out of the same type of African hardwood as the previous one. This bust is 17cm tall and 9.5 cm across the base.

Three Monkeys

Three Monkeys £12

The three monkeys See no evil, speak no evil and hear no evil. These three monkeys are carved from a light Nigerian wood. These three monkeys are very comical and each one stands 17cm tall.

Abstract Creation £9.45 ($14 approx.)

These really are tactile and you just have to hold and caress them. All hand carved from Serpentine a type of Soapstone and highly polished.

Malachite animals Prices vary to see them better and the prices click on the thumbnail above.

Carved in Zimbabwe by master craftsmen. No two are ever alike. They have been polished to a very high standard and feel especially nice to the touch.The prices vary according to size, weight so click on the picture above to see the individual carvings and prices.

Guitars £12 ($17 approx.)

These wire Guitars they stand 17"tall 7" wide and 1" depth. They come with their own stand.

Frog & Turtle £6.95 ($10) each

A cute little frog and a turtle carved onto the parasite root they usually have a comical face.

Small Sri Lankan Ebony Mask. £30

This is an old mask from Sri Lanka, the mask has been hand carved from Ebony a very hard black wood.

Prince and Princess

Indonesian decorative wall plaques £30

Two wall decorations carved from Ebony. They depict an Indonesian Prince and princess, both are 28cm tall and 14cm wide.

Princess sale £25 ($36 approx)

This carving stands 20cm tall. It is both free standing or can be hung on the wall. A very attractive piece.

Prince & Princess SALE £15 ($21 approx) pair.

Carved from Satin wood from Indonesia. The Prince & Princess carvings are free standing or can be wall mounted. Exceptional value for these exquisite hand carved items.

Dragons SALE £28 ($40 approx) each.

These Dragons are hand carved in white wood from Indonesia. Each one is different approximately 15cm high.

Lacquer Ware from Thailand.

Burma Bowls £9.50 per set.

These are called Burmese Bowls and consist of three spheres/bowls which fit one inside the other.2", 3" & 4".

Lacquer owls £3.25 & Bowls £4.25 each

These exquisite Owls stand 4" tall the heads are removable so you can keep small objects in them.

Lacquer Elephants 3½" (£4.25) 4" (£5.65) 5" (£9.50)

The 3½" and 4" Elephants are in black lacquer the 5" Festival Elephant is in Brown lacquer and painted with festival decoration.

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