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Sturia semiarata and a partial Gymnites incultus 55 ($88 78)

Two unusual ammonites (Sturia semiarata) and a partial Gymnites incultus from the Middle Triassic of Greece.

Pavlova yatriensis 50 $82 76

A very nice display piece the two Pavlovia are both approximately 55mm across on matrix 12 x 13mm.

Late Jurassic (Tithonian) from the Latria River,Siberia, Russia.

Trogophylloceras loscomobi 50 $82 76

A very nice Lower Lias Ammonite from Charmouth,Dorset.

Trogophylloceras loscomobi measures 117mm across and 99mm in depth and 15mm thick. Total thickness on matrix is 51mm.

Ammonite display 75 $120 111

There are some seven very nice ammonites on this display. Proplanulites koenegi, Kepplerites trichophorus and Cadoceras trichophorus. There is a lot of other sea bed bits and pieces on this block.

This display measures 17cm L x 108cm H x 8cm thick.

Middle Jurassic, Kellaways Sand Formtion, Ashton Keynes, Wiltshire, UK.

Pleuroceras sp. 15 & 20 ($25/$33 21/28)

These German ammonites are very heavily pyratised and look just like they are gold plated.

Mammites sp. 45 $69 70

A nice Moroccan ammonte 4"

Mammites sp 35 $54 55

Rough 6" Mammites from Morocco.

Liparoceras cheltiensis. 30 $47 44

Baculite sections. They have been sealed with liquid acrylic wax sealer, as the Pierre Shale Formation fossils of South Dakota with pyrites have an air contact with the acid in them and will decompose if they are not sealed. Baculites are a genus of cephalopods that come from the late Paleozoic Era and became extinct at the end of the Cretaceous Period along with the dinosaurs. A relative of the ammonite and modern squids, Baculites shells were straight compressed and tapering rod, except for a few coils in the back. Baculites are very vulnerable to breaking and so whole ones are quite rare. Here I offer some very nice but inexpensive sections. They make excellent starter fossils.

Liparoceras cheltiensis. 30 $47 44

Douvilleiceras mammalatum 85 $123 (US) 134

Cretaceous Albion, Madagascar. A really nice well preped out 4" Albion Ammonite.

Perisphinctes Med 11 small 8 ($51, $16, $12)

A nice ammonite from the cretaceous. From Mahajanga,N.Madagasca.

Orthoceras & Goniatite Plate SOLD

This large plate measures 16 inches at the widest by 14 inches.This plate is a nice Brown a bit different to the usual Black.

Planorbis 9 $14 US 14

These ammonites have a beautiful mother of pearl finish to them and reflect the light in all the colours of the rainbow.

Lituites breynius 40 ($60) ALL SOLD

These are very nice specimens of Lituites breynius from the Ordovician.

From Hupei, China. his specimen shows the coiled beginning and then the long straight section of the fossil. It has great colour and excellent contrast and sits nicely on the brown matrix. The suture pattern of the Lituites is quite evident. This is a beautiful display fossil of one of the most primitive Cephalopod. Sizes from 21cm x 4.5cm to 24.5cm x 5cm.

Hecticoceras rossicum 20 ($28)

Size 36.5mm. Age Cretaceous,From Russia.

Ammonites with mother of pearl finish are perticularly rare in the fossil record. The aragonite shell dissolves when grooundwater comes into contact with the shell. This ammonite is also filled in with pyrite. A very unusual and beutiful iridescent ammonite.

Cleoniceras sp. 10 & 20

Necreous Albion ammonites from Madagascar,Age Cretaceous.

Whitby Ammonites polished pairs 8.00 ( $13)

These Ammonites (Dactylioceras commune) have been halved and then polished showing the uinterior shell chambers. They make nice display items.

P&P Europe 1.60

Ammonites Dactylioceras pos/neg pairs 17.00 ($27)

Polished nodules opened to reveal the positive and negative ammonite inside.

Single polished Ammonites 4.00 ($6)

Same as the polished pairs though singles.

Dactylioceras commune 15 ($24)

Really beautiful Dactylioceras commune 7cm (app.) Diameter. Lower Jurassic.

These are the fossils that used to be sold to pilgrims as the serpents turned to stone by St. Hilda of the area.

Kosmoceras sp. 36 & 24

Kosmoceras are not particularly rare but they are almost unheard of from this location. Collected in Nepal and nicely Pyratised just to add that little bit extra, the matrix is extremely hard and very heavy. These are obviously in short supply.

Polished Orthoceras 6.

Orthoceras are members of the Notiloidea in the late Palaeozoic. They suddenly went into decline, and at the beginning of the Mesozoic all of the straight shell (Orthoconic) suddenly vanished leaving only the spiralled shelled Nautilloides.

Desmoceras (Pseudouhligella 12 & 20

Nacreous Albion ammonites from Madagascar.

AGE: Cretaceous

Small Ammonite halves 7.00 ($4)

From Madagascar these polished ammonites make a nice little display. Matched pairs. . Each pair is mounted and Comes in a clear display box.

Russian ammonites 4 & 8 ($6 - $11)

Upper Jurassic. Some of these are pearly.


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