Welcome to NewEarth here you will find Fossils, Crystals, Minerals and many related items as in Jewellery,stone and wood Carvings. Also there is African and Ethnic art and crafts from Masks to jewellery.

To order simply send me an email with the Item number and or description of the items, or fill in the order form at the bottom of each page. You can also fax your order through. I will work out the total with Postage and Packaging added and send you a Total for your order. If that is acceptable I will hold your order till your funds have cleared when it will be sent out. Payment by Credit card is also possible and much faster and easier if you are outside the UK. Acceptable Credit cards are listed at the bottom of the page.

The postage and packing (P&P) which is stated is only approximate on many of these fossils, as each one weighs differently. The P&P is calculated on the average weight so P&P might vary slightly.

The USA postage in ($) is calculated with the current exchange rate at the time this list was put together. Cost will alter according to the current exchange rate usually only dollar or two either way.

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