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Lapis Lazuli 80

A nice piece of Rough Lapis from Afganistan this piece is about 15 cm high 9.5cm wide and 7 cm thick. It weighs in at 3.8k.

It is said that Lapis helps one understand the mind. It helps to expand your viewpoint. It is good for connecting the heart and the mind when worn over the heart.

Azurite, Malachite, Chrysocolla 36


Awesome piece of botryoidal Azurite and Malachite and Chrysocolla. The Azurite is electric blue!! From Morena, Arizona, USA.


Dioptase on Calcite 95 ($151 135)

A handsome, sparkly, combo of stark white calcite rhombs with some massive dioptase and two large, glassy, emerald dioptase crystals! These two crystals are quite sizeable for dioptase crystals, both are approximately 0.6" They are razor sharp, glassy, and have choice colour and internal play of light, not to mention great clarity. From Tsumeb mine, Tsumeb, Namibia.

Tiger Iron

Precambrian stromatolite from Australia - Tigeriron (W.Australia) 49

A banded mineral composed of tiger eye, red jasper and hematite, tiger iron stimulates the vitality and enhance the immune systems. It strengthens force of will and courage and can be utilized as a protective shield.

Lustrous pink-coloured Rhodochrosite crystals on matrix 16 ($25 23)

There is an interesting band of brown-coloured material between the rhodochrosite and the matrix.


Mookaite Slice. 45

Or Mooka jasper, from W. Australia.

Rare Australian Mookaite slice. Mookaite is a remarkably colourful stone that has deep reds, pinks, purples, yellow and white which always seem to blend artistically.

Fluorite Dino

Two dinosaure carvings in Fluorite. 25 each

These two carvings are hand carved entirely from a single piece of Fluorite.


Tronda 40 $65 60

This 8" x 6" x 2" TRONA specimen contains honey yellow coloured monoclinic bladed crystals. These rest upon a 2" base of cream to pink coloured massive TRONA.

TRONA is a rare mineral. There are only a few locations where it is found and these only in massive form not visible crystals. Impurities in the Trona cause it to fluoresce green under both Short and Long-Wave ultraviolet light. The strong green fluorescence is most probably caused by the presence of manganese and lead, analogous to the activation mechanisms in most red fluorescing calcite.

Ashburton Agate 27

Very rare Ashburton Agate from Western Australia.

Rosewood and Silver wands 45 $68 US 70

Exceptional hand crafted Wands with Quartz and Amethyst or Garnet on rose wood. Length 21cm.

Mineral eggs prices vary with mineral.

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Paper wieghts click on the paper weight to see more.

These are all handmade glass paperweights by the famous Royal Crest factory. These Glass paperweights are all individually created by hand with great care and attention to detail to ensure their quality.

Hexagonal candle holders 12.50 ($17

These hexagonal candle holders take one kettle or night light candle (not included). Made from Picture Stone, Rhodonite and Labradorite. Size 6cm across and 2.5 cm deep.

Aragonite crystal cluster (Mexico) 15 ($24 approx.)

Calcium carbonate. Elongated prismatic crystals Hardness 3.5-4. Aragonite helps the flow of your physical energy so that it flows more freely and is healing for the base Chakra.

Crystal castle

A Mystical Crystal Castle 12 ($22 17)

A Mystical Castle in crystal that reflects the light into fantastic patterns. The colours are indescribable, in sunlight they change all the time. Even in artificial light the colours are astounding. This piece of crystal is 45 x 50mm.


These beautiful crystal pyramids reflect the light causing a rainbow of colours never the same twice.

Yellow Calcite tea lights

Orange Calcite tealight holders 14 ($20) each

Nice Deap orange Calcite tealight holders approximatly 3" cubes.

Rock Crystal Candle Holders 12.50

Rock crystal candleholders are drilled to take kettle candles or night light candles (not supplied).

Fluorite Eagle heads,Polar Bears & Pyramids

The Pyramids,Eagle heads and Polar bears are all hand carved from Fluorite crystal. The Pyramid bases are 6cm square. The Polar bears are 5cm high and 7cm long. The Eagle heads are about 4cm tall, the heads are made from fluorite and the beaks are tigers eye.Each of these carvings is different with hues of greens, blues, purples and clear crystal.

Fluorite Angelfish 42 & 52 ($75)

This magnificent hand carved Angelfish are carved from the best Quality Fluorite Crystal. They measure approximately 4"(11cm) & 5"(13cm) Tall including the base,4"(11cm) & 5" (13cm) Long.

Imperial Topaz

Imperial Topaz in matrix 25 each

These come from the Thomas Co. Mine Utah.

Iron meteorite IA, Gran Chaco, Argentina. - METEORITE 31

This is an end piece that came off whilst cleaning one of the larger pieces. Shows the outer shell is covered by not brocken crust on whole surface and the grey interior metal this is as is no polishing on the brocken surface. Piece weighs 62 grams.

Nickel Iron Sihote Alin Meteorite fragments. Prices depend on weight . For more details and prices click on the thumbnail.

Campo del Cielo 160

Iron meteorite IA, Gran Chaco, Argentina.,Weighs 3.179 kg

Campo del Cielo means "field of the heaven"

Campo del Cielo

Campo del Cielo 1.534 kg 77

Iron meteorite IA, Gran Chaco, Argentina.

Citrine Small Display on a Wood Base 12

Citrine Points 20 [126grams] & 17 [76grams]

Citrine Hexagonal taper points. Excellent polished points.

Here are some very nice rose quartz with polished points and rose quartz obelisks.

Agate & Aventurine obelisks

Some nice Obelisks in Agate and Adventurine. Obelisks are the symbol of the ancient Egypt and South America. Some people believe that obelisks release the built up energies deep in the earth. They have been placed in places of energy to slowly disperse the energy build up that could possibly cause a disaster. The shape of the obelisk maintains the balance of this energy by taking up the stored energies and releasing it into the atmosphere.

Polished Septarian Slab 37.60 & 18.80 [not shown]

These Polished Septarian slabs really are beautiful each one different with Crystalline veins running through them.

Amethyst candle holder 32 ($47)

Amethyst beds drilled to take Kettle candles or night light candles. These look beautiful as the candle flame shines through the Amethyst. A real mood setter. A top seller.

Healing pendulums 30 $46(US) 47

A healing Pendulum is a natural mineral (crystal) pendent used to balance the energy in your aura, charkas and physical body. The aura is the electromagnetic energy field on the outside your physical body. The chakras are energy points in the aura with direct pathways to specific energy points in the physical body (organs).

These pedulums are finished in Sterling silver mounts and chains.

Dowsing pendulums 6 $9(US) 10

These pendulums can also be used by healers or as ordinary dowsers. They come in different minerals/crysals.

Rose quartz,Adventurine (Green Quartz),Quartz (Rock Crystal),Amethyst,Sodilite and Citrine.

Tealight fluorite rough 14 ($20)

Made from Really nice pieces of rough fluorite.

Quartz Crystal cluster tealights 18 ($26)

Tealights made from quartz clusters all different.

Paperweights (Amethyst bed Cores) 9.50 each Back in stock

These cores make excellent paperweights each one totally different. An excellent idea for a gift that little bit different. No more with the Citrine on them just the amethyst left.

Agate and Rock Crystal Pendant 5.95 each.

These beautiful pendants Agate slice with a small mounted rock crystal. Each on totally different but all exquisite.

Fluorite point & Opal Pendant 8.50

These very nice Pendants are now back on stock though they do go very quickly.

Citrine pendents 4.95 Each

Expands and opens the mind to new ideas, including that of the soul. Helps to ease the flow of energy through the mind. Stimulates the mental abilities, Enhances wisdom, and creativity. Stimulates healing, and aids the heart, kidneys and muscles. Removes toxins from the body.

Quartz Crystal and Garnet pendent 6.95

Symbol of truth and faith. Stimulates creative imagination. Brings prosperity. Attracts deep profound love.Relieves depression and increases self-esteem. Calms anger.Sleep with it to remember dreams it also eases nightmares. A protector. Balances body energies. Balances spinal disorders.

Hiddenite Pendant 4.95

Helps you to get in touch with your creative potential. Its sister stone Kunzite, would be the ultimate guide to using it well. Each stone works best with the other, supporting your ability to adapt and adjust your creativity with your growing knowledge about it. Hiddenite will help you find the spiritual potential within physical existence, which is the ultimate goal of creativity.

Kunzite pendent 7.60 each

Vibrations of very spiritual love. Awakens highest heart consciousness. Comforts and heals heartache. Helps deal with stress. Hold Kunzite in your right hand to send love to another person or an area of Earth.

Green Kunzite pendants 7.60

Also known as 'hiddenite' this stone will help to find and deal with old pain/hurts. A gentle and healing stone, this crystal is the lightest green.

Kyanite pendant 4.95 each

Gives understanding. It is very healing for emotional and mental relationships. It brings an awareness of the ever-present love and support of the creator and his/her prescience within you always.Use for centring. Removes energy blocks in the body. Helps clear sinus congestion.

Moldavite pendants 32 -40 ($46-$58)

Moldavite came to earth as part of a meteorite 15 million years ago around what was known as Moldavia now part of Czech Republic. It will open your channel to the many levels of spiritual connection. Amethyst helps Moldavite to blend its activity into the transformation process and helps you see or integrate your potential. Spiritually uplifting. Encourages intelligence and inspires higher consciousness. Expands the mind. Helps focus spiritual goals. Powerful healer when used with Angelite and might cause out-of-body experiences.

Rubellite(pink tourmaline) pendents 2.50 each

Especially helpful for challenging the receptive female energy to act with courage and confidence. It shows the yin energy that it can work with yang energy as an equal partner. Rubellite strengthens the female organs and facilitates the female hormones. Strengthens the heart, wisdom and will power, enhances creativity, balances heart Chakra, and increases desire of love and sacrifice for humanity. Brings happiness.

Aqua-Aura pendant 13.60

Really nice Aqua-Aura pendants in a sterling silver swivel mount. The crystals are approximately 38mm long.

Rose quartz and Amethyst Pendant 7.50

Rose quartz is the crystal of love, it aids forgiveness, hurt, and low self esteem and cooled hot tempers. The crystals are approximatly 35mm long.

Fluorite Bullet Pendant 8.60

Fluorite can help develop spiritual confidence and awareness. About 35 mm long.

Rhodochrosite heart pendant 10.60

Relieves anxiety; assists us in correct (diaphragmatic breathing) when placed on the solar plexus, and helps to relieve anxiety. Hearts approximatly 25mm

Labradorite puff hearts 4cm 4.00

Labradorite is sometimes associated with the third eye (brow) chakra. It enhances psychic abilities and strengthens one's sense of self-worth. It adds to one's personal strength. It can reduce insomnia and lessen negativity. With its shifting sheen of blues, greens and yellow can be seen as a colorful "shield" against auric weakness.

Rose Quartz Hearts 4cm. 4

Enhances/Strengthens: love, forgiveness, compassion. Diminishes/Lessens: fear, anger, resentment.

Sardonyx Pendent carvings price 25 each.

These hand carved Sardonyx Chinese characters are pre drilled so can be used as a pendant. Click on the thumbnail above to see a bigger picture.

If you want more information on the Crystals and their healing properties etc., I can recommend the following books.

Crystal Co Creators by Dorothy Roeder.


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