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Tail Vertebra Hadrosaur

Tail Vertebra Hadrosaur (Duckbill Dinosaure) 80

This exceptionally nice specimen is a caudal (Tail) Vertebra from a Hadrosaur (Duckbill Dinosaur) legally collected from the Judith River Formation in Montana. It is in Excellent shape with the spinal cord opening and neral spine. This specimen is complete with no restoration and is 75 to 78 million years old.

Ichthyosaur Dorsal Vertebra

Ichthyosaur Dorsal Vertebra 40 ($74 58 )

A Dorsal Vertebra from the marine reptile, Ichthyosaur, dating to the Upper Jurassic Period (150 Million Years Old). This particular fossil is 105mm x 92mm and is 46mm thick and comes from the Kimmeridge Clay, Weymouth, Dorset. This is good specimen weighing over 550gm with little wear and displays some good detail.

Edmontosaurus sp. vertebra

Edmontosaurus sp. vertebra 100 ($172 142 )

This is most of one of the larger vertebra from a hadrosaurid dinosaur called Edmontosaurus from the Hell Creek Formation. It measures over 3 inches long and 4 inches wide and over 7 inches tall.

Pliometanastes protistus Caudal tail vertebra

Rare Miocene sloth Pliometanastes protistus Caudal tail vertebra 40

Good condition, Great colour with no restoration.

Two Fly Lavae Cases 16 ($28 EUR23 )

These are nice 3D fossilized fly larvae cases found in the Hell Creek formation in Montana and have nice detail.

Pleistocene deer, Odocoileus virginianus

Pleistocene deer, Odocoileus virginianus. 130 ($214 187)

This is an antler of the Pleistocene deer, Odocoileus virginianus. This is one of the largest antlers that I have seen of this spdcies, it also includes the base and a good long section of antler with several tips. It has been repaired in two places due to breakage in the river within the fossil layer. This is an exceptionally good specimen worthy of any fossil collection.

Thinobadistes segnis,claw and phalanx 128 ($214 186)

An exceptional claw and phalanx from Thinobadistes segnis, a rare sloth from the Suwannee River, Florida, USA. Age late Miocene.

Mammoth Sacrum vertebra 150 ($243 213)

The sacrum is the last vertebra before the tail. This is a large and rare piece rarely offered. The colour is excellent. There is no repair or reconstruction. The piece has been coated with preservative as it was found at the bottom of the North Sea off the Dutch coast.

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Cave Bear Paw (Ursus spelaeus) 140 $245USD

Just in anothercave bear Paw, this one is very large and in excellent condition.

Hyphalosaurus lingyuanensis 120 ($200 US 174)

As above except it is a lot smaller The Matrix is very fragile and thin so the plate has been stabalised on the back and round the edges. The Plate is 17.5cm x 7cm and the fossil is 15.1cm long.

Holmesina floridanus vertebra 20

A nice vertebra from the Pliocene giant armadillo, Holmesina floridanus.

Triceratops frill pieces

Here is your chance to own a piece of the famous Triceratops. Pieces of frill Sections show the bone. Cretaceous,Hell creek Form. Montana 65 mil. Years old.

Whale vertebra 18

Two large whale vertebra found while scuba diving in the Edisto River in South Carolina. The piece on the left is about 4 1/2" in diameter, 550 grams, and the piece on the right is about 6 1/2" in diameter and 1205 grams.. Both have some damage from washing out of the banks of the river but are still in great shape. Deposited during the Miocene time period, 6 to 26 million years ago. Vertebra look a lot nicer than scan.

Chinese hand carved fluorite Dinosaurs 25each ($45 Ecus 36)

These two carvings are hand carved entirely from a single piece of Fluorite.

Flower in Amber 28

A beautiful flower captured in Dominican Amber. Comes complete in a magnifying box and a printed photo size: 1.5" Square. Inclusion Size: 5mm, Stone Size (Max. 16x9x6mm).


This is a very scarce and distinct fossil bird track. It is centrally positioned in a 3" x 3 " slab.

Large Alligator scute 13 ($23)

THIS is a very nice clean Dermal scute. Comes from Florida.

Insect plates 60 ($87)

Insect plates from Brazil.Age. Cretaceous.Nice fine detail on these plates to see each one in more detail click on the thumbnail above.

Ichthyosaur Vertebrae 45 ($81)

Ichthyosaur Vertebrae.From. Dorset, UK.Age. Upper Jurassic.

Grallator cuneatus foot print 260 ($468 US)

A moment in time has frozen for eternity! An extremely nice specimen of Grallator cuneatus. Which was one of the dominant dinosaurs of the Jurassic Period. This track measures just about 6 inches in length and has distinct pad and claw definition. It is also a fine example of a negative or actual foot impression (not a reproduction). Grallator footprints were made by bipedal theropod dinosaurs and make up a significant portion of the ichno-genera in the CT. Valley. From the Portland Formation of the Connecticut Valley, Hampden Co, Massachusetts. This footprint is Early Jurassic in age (200 M.Y.A.).

Dino Bone polished slice probabl Hadrosaur. 3

These slices of Dinosaur bone are nicely polished and approximatly 2" in size.

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