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Cycad seed £14

This fossil Cycad seed is from the middle Jurasic period. Cerro Cuadrado Patagonia Argentina.

Maple seed £55 $85 €86

This VERY DETAILED seed fossil has wrinkles and great veining! The matrix is 3 1/8" X 2 1/16" X 3/4" thick. The actual fossil seed is 1 1/4" long.

Daisy Creek Petrified Wood £40 ($56)

Daisy Creek is in Northern Nevada near Battle Mountain. This wonderful chalky like branch has a terrific round worm hole in it. Would make a great display item. The branch measures 7" long x 2.25" across and weighs over 1lb.

Blue Forest Petrified Wood Branch Schinoxylon (Pepperwood) £38 ($55)

This is a wonderful blue forest petrified branch. It has not been cleaned up and still contains the algae. The wood is Schinoxylon (pepperwood) and has really nice grain patterns. The branch also contains some wonderful botryoidal slate chalcedony formations. The branch weighs almost 1 pound and measures 3.5" in length and the large face is triangular in shape and measures 3" x 2.25" x 2".

Crytozoon rosmontensis

Re-Crystallised Ordovician Stromatolite Crytozoon rosmontensis £28 SOLD

This Stromatolite is at once very pretty and very unique. Normally, Stromatolite is polished to a glass-like finish to bring out the multicoloured banding produced as the colonies organisms grew, died, multiplied and grew another layer. A very limited part of this Ordovician Cryptozoon Stromatolite formation underwent partial re-crystallisation. The result was numerous small crystal points that grew with a strawberry-like colour more beautiful than the prettiest Smokey quartz I have seen. Thus, we have a fossil of the oldest type of organism in the fossil record that has been transformed by nature into a most aesthetic rendering. Coming from the ½ billion year old Oneota Formation, Monroe County, Wisconsin, this Stromatolite is formally named Crytozoon rosmontensis.

Toadstool Stromatolite £55.00 ($99 €78)

Field research this past summer (2003) has led to the discovery of some beautiful structural stromatolite. The stromatolite is from the Lower Ordovician, Oneota Formation, and is approx. 495 million years old. This stromatolite shows exquisite maze-like surface details…many resembling raised toadstools. The intricate patterning it has is very naturally artistic. It is important to remember that this is the actual living surface of stromatolite reef. Because of the unique growth structure and field observations, we suspect that this form developed in quite shallow lagoons far removed from the often violent reef front. This is truly an amazing and eye-catching growth form! Specimen weighs 7 pounds and measures approx. 24cm x almost 8cm in height at the highest point.

Stomatolite Collenia undosa £90

This is a 2.2 billion year old, Pre-Cambrian stromatolite called Collenia undosa. It comes from the Biwabik Formation, Mary Ellen Mine, St. Louis County, Minnesota. The specimen measures 8 x 5.5 inches in size and is highly polished on both sides.

Baicalia Precambrian Stromatolite from China SOLD

Here is a very interesting and colourful mid Prioterozoic. A 1.5 Billion year old 1.5 Billion year old Stromatolite from the Wumashan Formation near Beijing,Peoples Republic of China. The oval to circular, darker reddish-brown structures in the matrix are bacterial fossil nodules, referred to as Baicalia sp. These may be what are commonly called algal balls, formed by separate colonies of prokaryotic, photosynthetic bacterial, e.g., likely to be cyanobacteria, the primitive organisms that largely produced Earth's atmospheric oxygen. Alternatively, the distinct structures within the stromatolite could signify temporal variation of growth patterns in a large global colony that resulted due to changing conditions in the benthic environment.

Paleocene leaf £30 ($44)

This leaf fell from the ancient trees in the Paleocene everglades, some 58 million years ago! The area at that time was a swampy lowland with a subtropical to tropical climate, very much like areas of south Florida today. Some of the ancient foliage fell into the mud, some into the water. As the soft sediments covered and compressed these beautiful works of nature, they were replaced by minerals of the area and became the gorgeous specimen that you see before you. The piece measures 3.5"x 4.5".

Metasequoia occidentalis £28 ($41)

Age/Era: Paleocene epoch,Formation: Sentinel Butte formation. Collected: Riverdale, North Dakota,USA.

Petrified Redwood slab £28

This beautiful slab of petrified redwood comes from the McDonald Ranch, near Ashwood, Oregon.USA.

Pararaucaria mirabilis Cone £16 ( $25 €23 )

A nicely silicified cone which clearly shows the "seeds" still in the cone. A highly collectible and very sought after plant fossil.

Two plates Alder leaves etc. £30 ($44)

These leaf fossils are of the Cenozoic Era- Tertiary Period in time which would date them close to 58 million years old (early Palaeocene Epoch). At that time, North Dakota was swampy lowland with a subtropical to tropical climate similar to the areas of South Florida today. They were found in the Sentinel Butte Formation that consists of silt, sandstone, clay, mudstone and lignite in ancient river, lake and swamp sediments. They came from the Tertiary Woodlands of Central North Dakota. Remains of plants are not commonly preserved because they rapidly decay after they die. Those under water are preserved when rapidly covered with sediment. The most common plant fossils are thin carbon films on the bedding stone.

Pink Oregon limb cast slice £10.50 ($15)

This is a lovely endcut slice of beautiful pink Oregon limb cast. The matrix on the end is very thin and the agate is right there peeking through on the rear side. It would need very little grinding to remove the white film. The slab measures 2.25" x almost 1.75" and is slightly wedged from .50" to 5/16's " thick. This material takes a wonderful polish and is slightly less pink than the picture shows.

Whitby Jet Grade 'A'

Jet has been worn as both jewellery and carved Talismans for more than four thousand years.Ancient Greeks and Romans called it 'Gagates'.

Jet can be polished to such a high lustre that it can be used as a mirror. The blackness of jet is second to non.

What is Jet? Quite simply it is fossilised wood of a now extinct tree that was similar to Araucana or the 'Monkey-Puzzle Tree'.

These trees flourished arround 180 million years ago. As these trees died they were gradually covered by sand and sediment, then over the years as the sediment got thicker the trees were gradually compressed and over millions of years they became fossilised.

Order# JET007 8x4.5cm 16grams £8 ($11)
Order# JET008 7x7.5cm 28grams £14 ($20)SOLD
Order# JET009 10x7cm 46grams £23 ($33)
Order# JET010 14x5cm 26grams £13 ($19) SOLD
Order# JET011 14x2cm 24grams £12 ($17)
Order# JET012 13x2.5cm 24grams £12 ($17) SOLD
Order# JET013 8x4cm 38grams £19 ($28)
Order# JET014 11x3.5cm 42grams £21 ($30)
Order# JET015 12x3cm 26grams £13 ($19) SOLD


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