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Mastadon tooth


Juvenile Mastadon (Mammut americanum) Tooth

This is a beautiful Tooth from a young Mastodon.


Hyena Teeth Adcrocuta eximia 25

Miocene from China

Hyena Teeth Adcrocuta eximia 16


Hyena Teeth Adcrocuta eximia 16


Hyena Teeth Adcrocuta eximia

Sus Scrofa (Wild Boar) 88

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This is a complete and UNBROKEN lower jaw of a juvenile wild boar. It is not a Pleistocene fossil from the last Ice Age but is a later period specimen from the Holocene Era that was found in a shell pit in Central Florida. The bone is naturally very dark and the entire jaw is as found and in remarkable condition. Since this is a juvenile, you can see the canine teeth starting to emerge as well as some molars. All teeth are original and as found.

Shark Ptychodus Whipplei 16 ($28 USD)

These sharks had a dentition made up of parallel rows of teeth like these. These teeth formed a textured surface used to crush shelled creatures.

Bahariasaurus ingens 88

The tooth measures 21 mm high and comes from the Mid-Cretaceous(65 million year old).

Ischyromus typus 10

Ischyromus typus (Squirrel) jaws from the Brule Formation, Oligocene of Wyoming. Each is in a 1" display box.

Gompotheres Tooth 60

Gompotheres were funny looking four-tusked proboscidians that were the first of the elephant's ancestors to enter North America. They can be readily identified by the band of enamel that runs along their lower tusks as they are the only proboscidians that has any enamel on their tusks.

Crocodile tooth 65

is is a first class fossil tooth that comes from the cretaceous. This is the grasping tooth from the front of the jaw, a rare and most prized fossil tooth, and is 5.4cm long.

Echinorhinus zheleskovi (Bramble shark) tooth 18

This rare and unusual tooth is from a Bramble shark. It measures around 0.25 inches on a matrix measuring 1.25 inches. Middle Eocene .

Cardiocephalus sp Jaws 7

Jaws belonging to a Microsaur called a Cardiocephalus sp. Microsaurs a small to medium sized amphibians with round vertebral centrums. Permian Age, Arroyo Formation, Lawton, Oklahoma, USA.

Hexanchus griseus (Cow Shark) 18

2 extremly good teeth from a Hexanchus Griseus better known as a sixgill shark or Cow shark).These large bottom living shark live and feed at well over a mile down in the Mediterranean sea and are believed to be a living fossil fish.

Onchopristis numidus (Sawfish tooth) 55

The date of this fossil tooth goes back to the upper Cretaceous period 97.5 - 91 million years ago. It is the rostral tooth from the saw-like nose of the now extinct Onchopristis numidus. This fossil tooth was excavated from the northern fringe of the Sahara Desert, Morocco in Northern Africa. It is a seldom seen fossil tooth on the market and a fine example.

Paleocarcharodon orientalis 45

Paleocarcharodon's are the smallest of the white sharks and have a restricted geographic range. There are only two locations that I know of, that is Africa and America. This extremely rare tooth is highly compressed and acutely pointed, and irregularly coarsely serrated. The cusps are also serrated.

Mako shark tooth 24

This excellent Mako tooth measures 2" and is excellent condition. Very sharp edges and tip. Nice colour on this Chilean Mako

Mosasaur jaw 550 ON SALE was 650

This is an excellent Mosasaur jaw from Phosphate beds at Oued Zem,Kouribga formation, near Casablanca Morocco in the Moroccan Sahara Desert. it shows 9 teeth in the jaw. Upper Cretaceous period, about 100 million years ago. It is very large approximately 30 inches long, and heavy.

Mosasaur anceps Tooth 45

Mosasaur anceps was a large marine reptile from the Upper Cretaceous period, about 100 million years ago. This thumb-sized tooth is about 1" long, weighs 28 grams and is in excellent condition. It was found in the phosphate beds at Khouribga, in the Moroccan Sahara Desert.

Mosasaur jaw 75

A nice section of Mosasaur jaw, found in Texas, USA.They looked superficially like alligators and crocodiles.

Stegodont Tooth 300

Age Miocene, From the Solo River, Central Java.

Duckbill dinosaur Tooth 18

A nice tooth in excellent condition showing some natural wear. The tooth is 9.1mm tall x 6.3mm thick at the crown and 5.6mm at the base. There is a small bit of root with the tooth.

Carcharocles megalodon (Charcaradon megalodon) 40-181

Carcharocles megalodon (Charcaradon megalodon) grew to about 15m, and is found world-wide in the strata of the Tertiary age.

This is a a very nice cleaned and prepped specimen of fossil teeth and jaw section of a juvenile RHINOCEROS, from the Oligocene Period. This is the lower left (rear) section of Hyacodon Nebrascensis or the (running Rhino). This 35 million year old piece was collected on a private ranch in the Badlands area of South Dakota.

Merycoidodon culbertsoni, jaw sections. 8

Two nice jaw sections of this Oreodont.

Carcharodontosaurus saharicus 80 & 100

Morocco; Late Cretaceous. The largest flesh-eating dinosaur ever found has been unearthed in the Moroccan Sahara.

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