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Trilobites were extremely successful bottom dwelling sea creatures with over 10,000 species. They thrived for 300 million years as the most abundant and thriving ocean creature through the Cambrian period until their disappearance in the Permian period. They were amongst the first living known organisms to have eyes.

Acandoparadoxides sp. Probably briareus 130

one of the largest Trilobites.

Flexicalymene meeki 20

From Ohio Age Silurian


Trillobite Bumastus 46 ($73 66)

he trilobite is 15mm in length and resides on a 2.5 x 2.2 inch limestone matrix.


Asaphellus homfryi 20

This is a nice specimen of an Asaphid from Morocco. I am almost certain this is Asaphellus homfryi, but I am not 100% sure. The overall condition is good, with the bug being complete.


Scabriscutellum sp 55

Here I am offering an exceptionally well prepared Scabriscutellum sp. From Alnif near Erfoud Morocco. The overall condition is excellent with a nice inflated body, and the Pygidium is in fine condition.

Paciphacops campbell

Paciphacops campbelli 45 & 50 ($65 & $72)

This is a well prepared specimen of Paciphacops campbelli from the Lower Devonian Helderbergian , Haragan Limestone Formation near Clarita, Coal County Oklahoma,USA.

Metacryphaeus sp

Metacryphaeus sp. 26 ($50 38 )

This is a split nodule showing the two halves (positive and negative) of the Devonian Trilobite Metacryphaeus sp. this trilobite is from Sica Sica, Bolivia A really nice and relatively scarce trilobite. The nodule measures 2 inches across.

Bolaspidella sp

Bolaspidella sp. 50 ($72)

This Trilobite is from the Marjum formation of central Utah and is Cambrian time period. This one measures 12mm on matrix 9 x 7.5cm. This may be your last chance to get one of this size.


Cnemidopyge 75

This is the rarely offered trilobite Cnemidopyge from Tanssikhte Morocco. This used to be offered as Ampyx, but this was being incorrectly identified. The overall condition is excellent with the genal spines and head spine full and complete .

Metacanthina 195

Entirely free standing. Excellent preparation with 0% construction. Size 2" (6.3cm). Denovian, 320 million years old.Comes with clear display box 6x9x5.8cm tall.

Kettneraspis williamsi 85 ($157USD)

It measures 1 inch from head to tail. 1 1/4" on the diagonal. The left eye looks as if it's damaged or maybe 2 eyes but it is due to the slight separation of the left cheek.

Cornuproetus 150

Free standing, very good preparation with free standing genal spines. Repair to left and right genal spines.Size 1" (3.8cm).

Collected from Issimour Mountain close to Alnif, Sahara Desert, Morocco. Denovian. Comes in a clear display box 9x12x6.7cm tall. this cornuproetus measures 5cm (app.) length.


Cyphaspis sp 40

This is a fine example of the Proetid Cyphaspis. (This also was known as Otarion).As can be seen from the photographs this is an extremely well preserved example. The Axial Spine and Genial spines are exceptionally long,The eye stalks are complete and genuine as can be seen from the photos they are completely freestanding. The granulose texture to the Cephalon is present. The colour is almost black; this contrasts nicely with the lime stone matrix. This is a truly an outstanding specimen.


Calymene 5

From Alnif, Morocco.3"- 4" (7.5 - 10 cm).


Leonaspis chacaltayana 55

I am offering this super rare Leonaspis Chacaltayana for the first time. They are only found in Viloco with L.aracana, lower silurian. This Andean localty in Bolivia at 5500 m., is a very remote area.

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