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Chanelloria pentacta 25 & 45

I am offering an unusual sponge here. Chancelloria pentacta which comes from the Wheeler Shale Utah.

Oliva sayana 20

Era: Pliocene.Collected: Clearwater, Florida, USA.Size: 6 cm long.

Fossilised Coral and Gastropod 30

Nice fossilised pieces of corel. On the coral are some Gasropods. The gastropod shells and the extended foot is shown on each piece.

Raphodonema contortum

Raphodonema contortum 25 ($47 USD)

An outstanding convoluted & aesthetic specimen of the sponge Raphidonema contortum, it is 94mm x 72mm x 37mm in size. The main cup is 47.5mm diameter. Around 90 odd million years old & from the world famous Aptian, Cretaceous Faringdon Sponge Gravels of Oxfordshire, England.

Sand Dollar Scutella paulensis 20 $30 US 32

These urchins average about 55mm diameter. They are very clean and excellent detail. Age Miocene, From Bordeaux, France.

Raphidonema farringdonense 28 ($53 USD)

A very large and unusually aesthetic example of the CLASSIC UK Lower Cretaceous cup sponge Raphidonema farringdonense about 90 odd million years old & from the world famous Aptian, Cretaceous Faringdon Sponge Gravels of Oxfordshire, England. The specimen is some 71mm tall and the cup is 85.8mm by 53.5mm across the cup.


Star fish 32

This is a very well preserved Star fish plate from Morocco, I do not have a name for this Ordovician Brittle Star.

Carpopenaeus callirostris (Shrimp) 25

These Beautiful Shrimps from the Lower Cretaceus and collected from Cenomanian deposits near Hajoula, Lebanon.

Schyphocrinites elegans 55 SOLD

This is a super, large cabinet specimen the plate measures 12.8 X 18 X 2.5 cm. A plate of Devonian Crinoids - Schyphocrinites elegans complete with head, arms and part of the stem.


Archaeocidaris sp. 115

This beautiful specimen shows the barbed spines on this RARE Texas Urchin.

Aphelocrinus mundus 26. 40

Nice crinoid head 8cm long x 4cm wide on matrix 11cm x 10cm x 3.3cm thick. Mississipian colected from the Bangor Formation, Franklin County,Alabama,USA.

Three Crinoides 45 ($56)

(1) Phanocrinus bellusus. (2) Cymbiocrinus grandis. (3) Acrocrinus shumardi.

This piece contains three crinoid crowns from the Mississippian of Alabama. There is a Phanocrinus, a Cymbiocrinus and an Acrocrinus. The cup on the Acrocrinus is compressed and some of the plates are missing. Look at the photo's carefully. The matrix is 5" X 4" X 1

Spatangoida loveniidae 5 each

Heart Urchins. "Spatangoida loveniidae" 2cm-4cm across.Location Southern Coast of Australia. Excellent condition, really good detail.

Heart Urchins. "Spatangoida loveniidae" 2cm-4cm across.Location Southern Coast of Australia. Excellent condition, really good detail

Eurypterus remipes 400

This plate has one complete Eurypterus and two segments. Click on the thumbnail for more pictures etc.

These Silurian and Devonian predators, which are known to science as eurypterids, ranged from a mere 10 centimeters to an immense six feet, making them the largest arthropods to have ever lived.

From Buffalo New York State,USA. Age. Silurian.

Lobster: MEYRIA rapax 40

Age: Cretaceous. Vulargian, Suchsuhagen, Hannover, Germany. Measures: 5" x 2" x 1/2"

Although this specimen has been repaired and some of the carapace (bodyshell) missing, it is easily recognised as a lobster. The head and tail areas are good. Several of the legs are present. This is a Shiny Brown fossil on a lighter coloured matrix. An unusual fossil one not seen every day!

Pachylocrinus aqualis & Actinocrinite gibsoni 50

This is a nice little double that has a Pachylocrinus aqualis and a partial Actinocrinite gibsoni.It was collected from the Edwardsville formation,Montgomery county,Crawsforville,Indiana.The Pachylocrinus has a 1.75 inch crown with a.25 inch stem,and rests on a 3.5x2.5 inch matrix.

Eocrinoidea gogia 40

Eocrinoidea (Gogia) spiralis is among the earliest groups of echinoderms. For this reason they are sometimes called a dawn crinoid. They had a vase-shaped body (calyx), covered by symetrical plates and have a bifurcated brachiole, a slender arm-like structure for food-gathering that closely resembled those in cystoids. This Gogia spiralis is from the Wheeler Shale, Milliard County, Utah and is Middle Cambrian. The species is only found in North America. It has been nicely prepared using air abrasion equipment and measures a large 1 inch, and the matrix is 2 by 2 inch.

Tholocrinus spinosus 40 ($58)

From the Glen Dean Formation of Kentucky.A specimen of this nature is rarely fossilized due to the delicate nature of the spines and feeding arms. This small crinoid caught micro-plankton that were floating in the warm Mississippian seas of Kentucky and took the food to the animal's mouth. The spines helped protect the crinoid from predators' as well as giving it an ornate structure for other animals to use as a place for protection. The crinoid measures 1" long.The "umbrella" on top is complete and is full of spines. The limestone piece that the crinoid sits on measures 1" long and 1 1/8" wide.

Triple Crinoid/Blastoid plate 60

Here I am offering a very rare and unique triple crinoid/blastoid plate. containing the a beautiful spiny Tholocrinus spinosus in the feeding position, a very clean and crisp Phanocrinus parvaramus with tight arms, and an extremely inflated Pentremites tulipaformis. This plate comes from the Glen Dean Formation of Grayson County, Kentucky,USA. The Phanocrinus on the left measures 20 mm long. The Tholocrinus bottom middle measures almost 18mm long and is very ornate. Spines found on all sides and the "umbrella" on top are easily seen. The blastoid on the right is very 3-D and well preserved. You can see a number of ambulacra. This is truly a very unique. The slab measures 3 3/4" x 3 1/4.

Uperocrinus pyriformis 45

Era: Mississippian Late Palaeozoic or 20 million years. From: U. Burlington Formation,Ralls County,Missouri,USA.

A tremendous Uperocrinus pyriformis that measures 11/2" x 1" wide. It sits nicely on a squared matrix that measures 3 3/4" x 3".

Physetocrinus venricosus & Uperocrinus pyriformis 45.

Era: Mississippian, Late Palaeozoic, 20 million years. From: U. Burlington Formation, Ralls County,Missouri. Here is an Outstanding Crinoid piece from the Burlington Limestone Formation of Missouri. This plate has a huge, rare crinoid, Physetocrinus ventricosus and a fully-inflated, killer fairly common crinoid, Uperocrinus pyriformis on it. The rare Physetocrinus crinoid measures 3.7cm wide while the Uperocrinus measures 1.9cm long. The squared matrix measures 9cm x 7.9 cm.

Colomnia taunicum 55

This is an excellent example of the Oligocene (38 to 23 MILLION YEARS OLD) crab Colomnia taunicum.


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