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Onchopristis numidus (Sawfish tooth)

This GIANT rostral tooth is an amazing specimen. Encrustation from the site is still on the tooth's base and running up the lower body. Underneath and visible in the upper half is fine enamel that still glistens in the light. Hue is a beautiful caramel with a white tip. Tip is features no wear and is very sharp with only a tiny nick on the very point. The tooth has been repaired but it is barely noticeable and more importantly, there is NO RESTORATION of any kind. Dimensions are an incredibly rare 3" in length along the diagonal leading edge!!! The base is present where it was attached to the saw part of the creature. Tooth is better than photo depicts. This is a highly recommended fossil tooth from this little known prehistoric creature. Sawfish rostral teeth that exceed 2.5" are rare and teeth near 3" are EXCEEDINGLY RARE.

Upper Cretaceous Period from the northern fringe of the Sahara Desert, Morocco in Northern Africa.

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