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Dioptase on Calcite

From Tsumeb mine, Tsumeb, Namibia.

A handsome, sparkly, combo of stark white calcite rhombs with some massive dioptase and two large, glassy, emerald dioptase crystals! These two crystals are quite sizeable for dioptase crystals, both are approximately 0.6" They are razor sharp, glassy, and have choice colour and internal play of light, not to mention great clarity! The calcite rhombs range from white to clear and have exceptional form as well! There is also a light sprinkling of micro dioptase crystals on some of the calcite, which makes for a nice effect!

The other green areas appear to be either massive dioptase or significantly altered dioptase; they are not merely areas where dioptase crystals were lopped off or anything like that.

This piece is 5cmx3cmx3cm and weighs 49grams.

Order # Diop01

Price 95 ($151 135)