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Mineral/Crystal pendulums

these pendulums can be used for dowsing or by healers. These are very good for someone just starting out dowsing.

Adventurine. Colour: green. Starsign: Capricorn/Scorpio. Talisman: balances the yin-yang energies, motivates. Health: Relieves anxiety and fear, protects from negative feelings.Stone of Success and Protection.

Citrene. Colour: yellow. Starsign: Gemini/Libra/Leo/Aries. Talisman: raises self esteem and stimulates mental focus. Health: joyous, warm and energising. Stone of Mental Focus and Warmth.

Rose Quartz. Colour: pink. Starsign: Taurus/Libra. Talisman: promotes love, compassion and brings a sense of calm. Stone of Love and Calm.

Amethyst. Colour: light lavender/violet. Starsign: various. Talisman: strengthens intellect, intuition and brings clarity. Health: calms the mind, dissolves anxiety. Stone of Intelligence and Peace

Quartz. Colour: clear. Starsign: all. Talisman: good all-round crystal for emotional peace. Health: excellent for meditation and thought. Stone of strength and clear mind.

Sodalite. Healing: Treatment of digestive orders, balances gland metabolism, especially good for conditions of stress and worry,

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Price: 6 (each)