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My favourite artist - Cecil Aldin

Cecil Aldin was a well-known artist who worked in cadog.JPG (9370 bytes)England around the turn of the 19th Century, from about 1885 until the 1930's.  He was very prolific, and his works were sold all around the world, particularly in America. 

His works are highly collectable, without being too expensive, as most items available are prints.  Some are signed, in pencil, on the mounts, in what appears to be a completely different hand.  (Most of the prints advertised on eBay, for example, are actually prints, with printed signatures, do not be misled into thinking these are original signed works).

capencil.JPG (5884 bytes)

caprint.JPG (5461 bytes)    This is an example of the printed signature, this was always present on Aldin's prints, whether signed personally or not. The picture on the right shows the pencil signature, and you can see the printed signature above. 


Many of Aldin's works are very humorous.  He drew day to day events in which cajug.JPG (7112 bytes)he was involved or a witness - he seems to be a modern artist, but his was the world of Coaching Inns, Stagecoaches and his first love, hunting.  Characters abounded, and Aldin caught them all.  Some of his works can be found on china, the Burleighware series for example, these are extremely hard to find and collected world-wide. He published an amazingly large list of books, and illustrated many others, lots for children.  These are also collectable, but I do not have information about them. 

The 'bible' for Cecil Aldin fans is "The Story of A Sporting Artist" by Roy Heron.  This book is now sought-after, despite originally being remaindered by the publishers and sold off for two or three pounds - it is getting on for a hundred now!

If you want information regarding Cecil Aldin I shall be glad to try and help - but not all of his pictures are listed.   I do occasionally have prints for sale.

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