This is a page full of photos from my recent trip to the California Muni weekend at Northstar and Auburn organized by John Foss. It was fun! But this page might not be if you weren't there as it will take a long time to load.

On the Friday me and Craig went to the Sacramento Train Museum, it was really quite fun; they even looked after our unicycles for us. It was after visiting the Museum that I had a go at corrupting Craig and took him to an Irish Bar and whinged about 16 ounce glasses then got almost run over by a police car - that is not the one who stopped us for riding of the sidewalk!

Photos above are us being late for the train at Rosville and "The Train" apparently this one had started in Chicargo.

Registration and Jocks back side

Waiting for the lift up the hill. The wait was much too long, Bikers!

This is the raking system they used for the bikes and unicycles, it did look slightly funny with the uni's in though.

We did a little workshop before we spit off into groups, this is the line up just after that.

The picture above is slightly out of order but it was the group the rode over some interesting trails down from the top, marked Experienced Riders Only, they were not that difficult - but definitely fun!

Picture to the right is Brett doing an impossible bit - he did ride all that and more!

Jonathan just getting to the top of that "little" hill.

Brett riding ALL the way to the top

This is at the top of the mountain above Northstar on the first day. We rode (well tried, to in my case - I was suffering with lack of sleep and the altitude) from the bottom to the top is about 2500 feet and we did it in only 1 hour 15 mins up to a height of about 8500 feet: Brett, me and Jonathan

Left: I like the pickie of just the uni's and NO BIKES :)

I just liked the ADVANCED RIDERS ONLY sign. This is the first point in the decent where my feet toughed the ground, probably 1500 foot decent.

John doing the prize bit

Jonathan Young being presented with his Muni prize

Sierra Young, the future Queen of Muni, she's awesome

Day 2

Auburn Has fantastic riding and we rode many of the trails that we did on the first day last year, brilliant fun, the groups were well sorted out and generally we travelled fast in the group we were in . The group photo, the same as last year was similar, just a few different people.

Me going up the hill during the up hill race, I won, but not by much and John then did a run and beat me by a few tenth of a sec, but refused to accept that he should have won.

Left: Bruce Bundy, he raced in expert and has been only riding since June! wow is he going to be good.

This is just a group of us riding some of the trials, it gives a good impression of what we were riding on.

Left: Jonathan Young riding his new Pashley Muni

John Foss Off Road Gliding

Left: Brett Off Road Gliding

John Foss NOT off-road gliding - sorry about the quality, but I did promise John that I would show this photo to show people what happens to gliders - I am very envious and want to do it, will this be a competition next year?

Below: Pile of unicycles photo