On Heather & Clarty Moor

KCD 003 RRPŁ14.99

Songs and tunes from the heart of the North York Moors


Teesside & Yorkshire
Mary of the Dale
Willy went to Westerdale
Iron Miner's Testimonial
Foxhunting Song
Lyke Wake Dirge
T'auld wife of Coverdill
Cleveland Home
The Last Coble Fisherman
Ghost of Old Solem
Lass O'Dalogill
Come Along By
Lass O'Dalogill (reprise)

A collection of songs and tunes which together seek to identify the uniqueness of the North York Moors. The songs are mainly the work of folk poet Richard Grainger but the collection also includes a song by Graeme Miles and a number of traditional songs and tunes. Apart from strong performances from Richard and his guitar there is a host of musicians and singers taking part including John and Joy Rennie (Vocal and keyboard), Moira Clarke (Melodeon), Flossie Mallaviale (Vocal) Steve Dawes (Mandolin& Vocal) Ron Angel (Vocal,Whistle and Harmonica) Andy Monaghan(Vocal) Rachel Thompson (Vocal) Tricia Lucas (Fiddle) and The Wilson Family (Vocal).

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