"The voice of Teesside and the Cleveland Coast..."

"Long standing top drawer singer , writer and musician with a keen eye on the tradition."
Keith Kendrick

'On Heather & Clarty Moor'

Music magazine The Link make it 'Album of the Month' for November 2004.

'.....strong vocal and guitar performances from Richard.....'

'Of the traditional songs, Richard's arrangement of 'the Lyke Wake Dirge', perhaps the oldest example of Cleveland dialect verse in existance, is one of the most effective. Chilling in its execution and finality....'

‘In contrast is ‘Willie went to Westerdale’- a humorous call and response song typical of those handed down through fireside and moorland inn celebrations over generations’

‘The standard of musicianship throughout is high level,from Richard’s excellent guitar treatment of the currently resonant ‘Foxhunting Song’ to the ensemble sword dance tune ‘Lass ‘O Dalogill’

‘Of Richards own songs the brooding ‘Darklands’ uses minimal instrumentation and atmospheric choral work to great effect. ‘Come Along By’ (written originally for Middlesbrough Museums project ‘Town in Time’ 1999) and The Iron Miners Testimonial ( written during the making of this album) both document rural and industrial change.

‘Though the album is a sincere evocation of affection, Richards work is not bogged down by clarty over-seriousness. There’s easy light and shade here- a feel of uplifting celebration and a significant contribution to the music (all styles) ………….

‘Heather and Clarty Moor’ is no po-faced eulogy to times gone by- its part of a continuum’

‘….takes us right back to North Yorkshire and Teesside Roots. This area notable for music coming out of rock, R&B,and blues ( Chris Rea, Dave Coverdale, Ron Asprey, Paul Rogers etc.) has always had a strong tradition in folk music, consolidated over centuries. The Watersons, Martin Carthy, Eliza Carthy, Vin Garbutt have achieved considerable international reputations - Richard Grainger’s new album is one to add the ‘essential’ collection’.

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