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The instrument produces an image on a curved horizontal screen placed in the centre of a darkened room.  Observers stand around the screen, looking down at a convenient angle.  The viewing screen is curved for the same reason that the retina of the human eye is curved.  The image is luminous and in full colour, with movements the outside screen reproduced exactly as nature.In good light conditions the image is filled with luminous delicate colour.  Subtle, seductive and very beautiful in it’s nature.  This is “real” light and living colour painted directly onto the screen by nature itself.  Sunsets with the Camera Obscura can be quite breathtaking beyond words!

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(Camera Obscura National Garden Festival)

Our first model was made for the Gateshead National Garden Festival in the North of England.  It was housed in a temporary tent like structure designed especially for the instrument.  It was an instant success.  The general public were fascinated by the images.

The Cadiz Camera Obscura

Located in the fascinating city of Cadiz, the Camera Obscura is incorporated into the Tavira Tower.  The Tower, built in Baroque style, was part of the Palace of the Marquis of Recano, whose first watchman, Antonio Tavira, gave it it’s name.

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(Visitors enjoying the images of Cadiz)

In 1778 the Tavira Tower was appointed the official watchtower for the town, it being, at that time, the highest lookout point in the area.  In 1994 we installed a major Camera Obscura in the Torre Tavira, which is now a great centre of interest in the old city.

The Camera Obscura of Lisbon, Portugal

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In the picturesque, vibrant city of Lisbon, we installed our large Camera Obscura in 1997. The Castelo de S. Jorge, high on a hill overlooking the city was a perfect spot for the instrument.

The Camera Obscura of Jerez, Spain

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(Sinden Camera Obscura, (April 1998) designed to fit the tower of the Palacio de Villavicencio which forms part of the Alcazar, the oldest building in Jerez.  Showing the most beautiful panoramic views of this wonderful city)

A large professional instrument, for major public facilities in tourism and education.

Our large Camera Obscura is designed and engineered to last for a very many years with the minimum possible maintenance.  The main lens of our instrument is an astronomical aplanatic which is normally made about 12” in diameter and with a focal ratio designed to suit the proposed building.  The instrument can be rotated in Azimuth and Altitude so as to cover the whole horizon.  The concave screen is usually about 2 metres diameter and can be raised or lowered to control the focus over a large range.We supply and install the complete instrument including the viewing screen.  We can advise you on building modifications and arrangements necessary to accommodate the Camera Obscura.

The Camera Obscura of Havana, Cuba

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(Our giant Camera Obscura installed at Teniente Rey, 19 Plaza Vieja, Havana)